Belgian beer and chocolate tour

Visits to chocolate makers and breweries in Brussels and in Belgium

Have you always wanted to know everything about the manufacture of chocolate and the production of Belgian beers? Then this is the tour for you! BBCT will take you to the four corners of the land to show you the fabulous products that are the pride of Belgium.


A tour combining Belgian breweries and chocolate makers

The ambition of Belgian Beer & Chocolate Tour is to show beer and chocolate lovers what Belgian breweries and chocolate makers do best.

That is why we offer tours lasting one to six days; the choice is yours.

During these stays, we will let you discover:

  • Breweries : From the selection of ingredients to the bottling, through the fermentation process, discover all the secrets of beers produced in Belgium. Trappist beers, abbey beers, classic beers, tell us what you want do discover and we can create your customized tour.
  • Chocolate makers : Let’s journey together to visit chocolate makers in Belgium (museums, shops and chocolate workshops), so that you can learn everything about the history and the making of chocolate.

Workshops, museums and tastings

When visiting chocolate makers in Belgium, you learn a lot about the origins and history of chocolate by visiting museums dedicated to it. You will also enjoy demonstrations by master chocolate makers in their workshops. And, of course, you will be able to enjoy tasting what often is called “brown gold”. You can also participate in a chocolate-making workshop (subject to availability).

Anyone talking about artisanal chocolate makers is talking about production of a brand of chocolate with unique characteristics. Going from one maker to another, you will discover different, often secret, manufacturing processes as well as tastes each more delicious than the last one.

This gourmet tour does not end there because you will also have the chance to enter the world of various Belgian breweries and taste some of these fermented drinks. For more information, please have a look at the page dedicated tours of Belgian beers.

Whatever the size of your group, we have the best vehicles for taking you from one city to another throughout your stay. We also organize accommodation based on your choice and visits ensuring that your trip is perfect.

Please note that we can organize your transfers at arrival and when you leave, whether it is to an airport, train station, hotel or somewhere else.

If you have any questions or want more information, please contact us by phone, by email or by using our contact form.
Photos by David Lefranc

Chocolate Makers
Chocolate Makers
Chocolate Makers
Chocolate Makers
Chocolate Makers
Chocolate Makers
Chocolate Makers

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