Belgian Beer Tour

Visit Belgian breweries and beer tasting weekend

Belgian Beer & Chocolate offers tours bursting with visits of Belgian breweries. Let us guide you through the production methods, fermentation techniques and flavors of various beers, all during a tour in the heart of Belgium.

Visit Belgian breweries and beer tasting weekend

Tours bursting with visits to Belgian breweries

Have you always dreamed of discovering the secrets of beer-brewing in the heart of Belgium, from the selection of raw materials to the bottling and fermentation process?
Are you passionate about the traditional brewing world and you are curious to learn more?
Are you a professional in the brewing world and enjoy discovering all the best beers in the world?

BBCT lets its customers discover products which are the pride of Belgium during a tour filled with visits to various breweries in all regions of the country. We also offer tours combining beers and chocolates with visits to chocolate makers in Belgium.

You can choose the length of your tour yourself but do let us know your preferences in terms of beers. That way, we can make a tour just for you.

Discovering the secrets of manufacturing

Welcome to the land of breweries, where beer-making is an art mastered to perfection. Brewed with wisdom in all four corners of Belgium, the beers surprise with their character, color, texture and taste.

Discovering the secrets of manufacturing

During these tours, we let you immerse yourself in the world of brewing by visiting various breweries that teach you more about:

  • The origins of the beers produced within their walls
  • Manufacturing methods and secrets
  • The bottling process
  • And many more surprises!

You will of course enjoy exceptional tastings at the different breweries we visit, where you will be served a few glasses of their handcrafted products.

Whether you want to know everything about the production of Trappist beer, abbey beer or a world-famous beer such as Leffe or Gueuze offered by the Cantillon Brewery, we listen to your requests in order to design a tour that fully satisfies your requests.

From transport in a comfortable vehicle to accommodation in a friendly hotel of your choice and visits to selected Belgian breweries, we take care of everything with our only ambition being that your stay is as good as it can be, discovering Belgian beers and breweries. Remember that we also can organize your transport at arrival and when you leave regardless of location (Brussels Airport, train station, hotel, etc.).

Find out more about our partner breweries.

Why not let us organize a tour? Contact us by phone, by email or by using our contact form. We would love to help you and will do our utmost to answer all your requests.


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